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What Kind Of Safety Shoes Do You Need To Wear In The Mining Industry?
- Dec 13, 2018 -

The modern mining industry is no longer just excavating on the ground. It includes underground or above-ground mining, mine operations, and all auxiliary work that is usually done near the mine site or mine site to process raw materials, such as milling, beneficiation and treatment. , are all activities of this category. Safety issues have always been the most important issue in the mining industry. Especially for the current underground mining, although the modern mining industry is safer than it was decades ago, accidents often occur, so it is necessary to have adequate safety measures. of,

Flood prevention function:

In the mining operation, in the case of mining mining, the mining method of taking deep holes is mainly taken here, and it is necessary to venture into the gob area, and it is easy to drop the miners above the gob area to injure the miners. The footsteps and head, so they must wear safety shoes with anti-smashing function and wear a safety helmet. The safety shoes with anti-smashing function are equipped with an inner head which is resistant to a certain impact force on the toe, and the inner head is placed between the shoes and the shoes, which can greatly reduce the damage of the object falling to the foot.

Puncture prevention function:

As a high-risk industry, mining faces complex geological conditions. The equipment used in the stope includes rock drills, loaders, transport vehicles, etc. During the mining process, unidentified metal sharps and mechanical equipment may pierce the soles, so wear anti-piercing safety. Shoes are also essential. The anti-piercing safety shoes are made of steel sheets placed above the soles, so that the feet can be prevented from being pierced by various sharp objects, and the foot can be effectively protected to ensure the safety of the work.

In view of the characteristics of mining work, mining companies must not only further increase safety protection work, but also fully promote the implementation of various safety activities, continuously strengthen the safety awareness of all employees, and use the safety protective equipment such as safety shoes and overalls for workers. Conduct regular and special safety inspections, conduct comprehensive investigations on all production links and positions, and eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner.

At the same time, it pays attention to the training of employees on safety concepts, and eliminates the situation in which employees do not wear anti-smashing and puncture-proof safety shoes, so that every employee consciously abides by safety regulations and achieves the goal of “zero injury” for mining enterprises. , fulfill their own security responsibilities and ensure the safety of themselves and their colleagues.

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