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What Is The Significance Of Wearing Safety Shoes For Workers?
- Dec 16, 2018 -

We all know that laborers must wear protective equipment when they are engaged in production work, in order to protect their own safety, so as to reduce the damage caused to the body at work. There are of course many types of labor insurance products, including safety shoes. It is one of the most important ones.

On the construction site, it can be said that it is one of the most suitable places to wear labor insurance products. Under normal circumstances, we understand that construction workers should wear helmets during construction, so as to avoid the death of the head by hard objects or falls, but We often neglect the protection of safety shoes. In fact, workers on construction sites must wear protective toe safety shoes according to their work needs to avoid hard objects, metal objects and other injuries.

If the safety shoes can fully utilize their protective functions, they must pay more attention to the selection, use and maintenance. Before choosing, we must first understand the main hazards that cause direct or indirect injury to the employee's feet:

1. Touched by hard, rolling or falling objects.

2. Piercing the sole or the body of the shoe by sharp objects.

3. cut by sharp objects, and even tear the skin.

4. The site is lubricated and falls.

5. Contact with chemicals, molten metals, high temperature and low temperature surfaces.

6. Working in an environment filled with flammable gas. If the release of static electricity is not appropriate, it will become a source of ignition at any time, causing an explosion. In addition, the conductivity of the foot can also affect the level of electric shock hazard when employees come into contact with electrical equipment.

At present, the more common safety shoes include anti-smash safety shoes, puncture-proof safety shoes, insulated safety shoes, anti-static safety and conductive safety shoes, high temperature safety shoes, cold-proof safety shoes, anti-chemical safety shoes, acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes, Non-slip safety shoes, etc., in addition to the sole insulation for road workers, suitable for the reinforcement of the soles of construction workers, protective shoes for the moisture of the soles of food and winemakers. The function of the protective safety shoes is mainly set according to the working environment and conditions. Generally, it has the functions of anti-slip, anti-piercing and anti-squeezing, and has specific functions such as anti-conduction and anti-corrosion.

It is very necessary to choose the safety shoes with the corresponding protective functions for the above different hazards.

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