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Application Of Safety Shoes In Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Industry
- Dec 11, 2018 -

With the rapid development of science and technology, the electronic products produced by the electrical industry are becoming smaller, more versatile and intelligent, while the high density and high gain of semiconductor devices are becoming more and more sensitive to electrostatic discharge, and the breakdown of MOS circuits is only 100 V. And the new device is only about 30 V. In such a large environment, strict control of static electricity is necessary for electrical appliance manufacturers, so for workers working in these factories, they must wear anti-static safety shoes as required to prevent static electricity from harming electrical products. . For workers working in complex workshops, they also need anti-static, anti-puncture and puncture-proof safety shoes with multi-functional safety protection.

The intelligent electrical appliances produced by the electrical appliance manufacturing plant have high requirements for static electricity, and the static electricity has great destructive power. In the process of electronic component production, or in the process of installation, debugging and inspection of electronic products, if static electricity is not eliminated, Will affect production or reduce product quality. Especially in the semiconductor device and microcircuit manufacturing industries, device failure is caused by electrostatic discharge. Therefore, operators must wear anti-static safety shoes for safe operation. Anti-static safety shoes are anti-static and conductive soles, safety shoes worn in a flammable and explosive working environment and in a workshop that requires clean, dust-free and sterile to reduce and eliminate static electricity.

The plates of electrical components will have some scraps scattered on the ground in the cutting workshop. Workers need safety shoes with anti-puncture function for foot protection. If they are accidentally stepped on the sharp edges and corners, they may be pierced by the soles. Cause unnecessary harm. The anti-smashing safety shoes are equipped with an inner head that is resistant to a certain impact force on the toe, and the inner head is placed between the shoes and the shoes, and a sponge strip is added to the end of the inner toe to enable the toe and the shoes. The surface joints are smooth, which increases the folding resistance and comfort.

Some electrical panels that require electric welding machine operation, because the operator must perform high temperature and high pressure welding or melting, with protective eyepieces, the operator also needs to wear safety shoes with high temperature resistance to prevent spark splashes. The foot causes damage. Because the high temperature resistant safety shoes are made of high temperature resistant soles and uppers, they protect the feet from high temperature working conditions such as molten metal sparks and are burned by high temperature to avoid injury.

In the modern electrical appliance manufacturing industry, static-related damage continues to bring billions of dollars a year to the world's electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Only when we fully understand static electricity can we avoid the losses and even use it to serve us. .

It can be said that static electricity is ubiquitous, which puts high demands on electrical appliance manufacturing. The static electricity that comes with the electric appliance itself can be eliminated by specialization technology. The static electricity in the production room can also be eliminated by anti-static equipment to reduce its harm.

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