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Conceptual Idea Of Safety Boots
- Nov 05, 2018 -

According to the various conditions in the safety boots market survey and the conditions of the company itself, fully consider the sales and wearing requirements of customers and consumers as well as the trends of competitors, analyze the historical record of return claims, and target for the first time in a certain range. Propose the initial ideas and ideas for the development of one or more four new products. The creative stage of creativity is the beginning of the birth and birth of new products. Relevant leaders at all levels of the enterprise should adopt various methods, brainstorm ideas, collect ideas as much as possible, and select valuable ideas from them. The idea of creativity mainly comes from four aspects.

(1) Demand from domestic and foreign customers and consumers.

(2) Forecasting popular data and market trends from home and abroad.

(3) Knowledge accumulated by professional and scientific personnel.

(4) Forecasting according to the law of prevailing changes at home and abroad.


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