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Safety Concept Culture
- Oct 28, 2018 -

The concept of safety is by no means a simple slogan. The idea is a guide to the safe behavior of companies and employees, and it must be implemented in action. The idea is an idea, an idea, and consciousness is a kind of consciousness, an understanding, a kind of understanding. When people have an understanding of a concept, they will begin to act according to this idea or idea, an established model. If you have a wrong understanding or understanding of the idea, you will follow the wrong judgment and action.

By optimizing the elements of safety culture and integrating safety culture resources, the company “has the life and health of employees above everything else” and “develops the intrinsic safety of people from the habit” “Employee self-discipline is the key to zero injury” “All accidents are Advanced safety culture concepts such as “can prevent all accidents can be avoided” lead the transformation of employees' safety values, the establishment of rules awareness, and the development of good safety behavior habits.

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