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Water Pants Material
- Oct 15, 2018 -

According to the material, the domestic market can be divided into old inner tube\flat rubber, PVC, nylon, NEOPRENE and waterproof and moisture permeable film.

Rubber tire products

Early use of rubber tires as raw materials, the current market is very small. At present, some small workshops are produced and basically have withdrawn from the market.

Flat rubber products

Flat rubber products are the replacement products of tires. They are better than the tires in terms of wearing comfort. The leakage is relatively less than the material of the tires, but it has obvious shortcomings, and it is not resistant to scratching and aging. High weight. The existing products have plain weave and linen products. Its half-length specifications are inferior to PVC and rubber-hanging products in terms of performance. It has certain advantages in whole body specifications, easy processing, good waterproof performance, easy to wear and easy to repair. But the anti-aging properties are generally not as good as PVC products.

Hanging rubber products

These products have a great improvement in aging performance and scratch resistance compared with flat rubber products. However, the weight is almost twice that. It is suitable for industrial and mining sites. For example, coal mines, quarrying. Variety of specifications, only processing half-length Products, no whole body series products,

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