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Marketing Department Outward Bound
- Oct 24, 2018 -

In order to further enhance employees' sense of execution and teamwork awareness, on October 23, the company's marketing department organized an outdoor development training event with the theme of “improving execution and striving for first-class performance”. This is one of the staff training content that the company has carried out since the launch of the “Executive Power Construction Year”.

Through this expansion training, participants not only experienced the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration, and courage, but also deeply felt that “team + action” is the essence of completing the expansion training. At the same time, it further enhances communication and understanding among employees, fosters teamwork awareness and improves cohesion.

The colleagues in the marketing department have made continuous progress and made great achievements. In the first half of 2018, the sales performance of the company's outdoor waterproof boots series products and special protective boots series products increased by 31.5 percent. The company headquarters thanked the marketing department for its outstanding contributions.

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