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Type of shoe assembly process
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Type of shoe assembly process

       The shoe assembly process refers to the technique and method of assembling the shoe parts such as the upper and the sole to become a shoe product, mainly including an adhesive shoe process, a sewing shoe process, a molded shoe process, an injection shoe process, a vulcanized shoe process, and the like. Types.

1, the adhesive shoe process, also known as the cold bonding process, is a process that uses an adhesive to join the upper, the insole, and the outsole together. Due to the different materials of the upper and the sole bonding surface, the type and nature of the adhesive used are different, such as neoprene adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, SBS adhesive and the like. Due to the simple process of the gluing process, short production cycle, high production efficiency, low manufacturing cost, rapid change of color and variety, easy to expand and reproduce, it is the most widely used assembly process in the shoe industry, accounting for 80% of the total amount of shoes. %the above. This process is most widely used in leather shoes and sports shoes.

2, the sewing shoe process, also known as the stitching shoe process, is a process of sewing the upper and the sole and other connecting parts by sewing thread. The sewing thread used is a ramie thread, which has the characteristics of strong strength, small elongation, fast moisture absorption and high wear resistance. The sewing shoe technology is most widely used in leather shoes, mainly including sewing shoes, sewing cuff shoes, and through-seam shoes. Although its process history is long, the operation is complicated, and the production efficiency is low, the product structure, style and durability are not replaced by other processes. In addition to the development and improvement of the machine sewing process, it is more in line with the needs of modern production and consumption, thus occupying an important position in the footwear products, and has an auxiliary function in the adhesive shoe process, and thus a sticky seam Process.

3. The molding shoe process is a process for bonding the outsole and the upper together by using the rubber outsole to produce the rubber flow and the clamping pressure generated during the vulcanization process of the mold. The outsole and the upper are adhesively bonded under the high temperature and high pressure of the rubber, so the molded shoe process has the characteristics that the bottom is firmly bonded and is not easy to be opened, wear-resistant and resistant to bending. Due to the long production cycle of molds and the slow change of color varieties, the molded shoes are suitable for the production of large batches of products. Labor protection shoes, hiking shoes, military police shoes and other products are mostly produced by molding process. The molding process is a mold vulcanization process derived from a moldless vulcanization process, and is mostly used in leather shoes.

4, the injection shoe process, also known as the Lian injection molding process, is a process of injecting molten plastic into the outer mold and bonding with the upper. The material of the outsole is mostly polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber and the like. The process is to complete the bonding assembly under the conditions of automatic feeding, automatic plasticizing, automatic metering, automatic injection, automatic mold closing, mold opening and automatic molding, so it has the advantages of high production efficiency and automatic production. It is used in the production of leather shoes, cloth shoes, sports shoes and plastic shoes.

5. The vulcanized shoe process is a process for vulcanizing and forming a heat-pressurized and vulcanized mold in a vulcanization tank after bonding the raw film of the outsole, the strip and the outer cover to the upper. The outsole of the process is divided into moldless (calendering) molding and molding. Because the process is relatively rough and difficult to control quality, usually only low-end products can be produced. In recent years, due to the introduction of foreign advanced production technology, the product grade has been greatly improved. Since the vulcanized shoes are comfortable and economical to wear, and have high efficiency and low cost in production, the process is still applied in the production of rubber shoes and rubber shoes and leather shoes, and the production amount is large.

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