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Electrostatic hazards and elimination of chemical companies
- Nov 08, 2018 -

    Static electricity can be ubiquitous in our lives. There is a high electrostatic voltage on and around our body. For some sensitive equipment, especially in chemical companies, this voltage can be fatal.

    Although the electrostatic energy is not large, it is easy to discharge due to its high voltage, and a static spark occurs. In places where flammable liquids, gases, vapor explosive mixtures or explosive mixtures of dust and fibers may cause fire or explosion due to static sparks.

    An electric shock caused by static electricity may occur when the human body approaches a charged object, or when an electrostatically charged human body approaches the grounding body. Because the energy of static electricity is generally small, the electric shock caused by static electricity generated during the production process is not directly fatal, but the human body may cause a second accident such as falling or falling due to electric shock. Electric shocks can also strain staff and hinder work.

    In some production processes, static electricity is not eliminated, which will hinder production or reduce product quality. At the same time, static electricity may cause malfunction of electronic components, causing some electronic devices to malfunction.

    In the production of chemical companies, the medium in most production facilities is characterized by flammability and explosiveness. The energy required to ignite these substances is extremely low. The weak static spark generated in the human body and production equipment may cause fire and explosion. The accidents have serious harm to the safety of employees and the safety of production.

    Therefore, the daily attention of chemical companies in production operations is:

    1. It is necessary to continuously adopt methods such as updating equipment and improving processes to reduce the accumulation of static electricity in the production process as much as possible.

    2. The electrostatic grounding operation of mobile equipment and tools should be done before the process operation or transportation begins.

    3. The safety check of the grounding connection is mainly based on the self-inspection of the production post, and the grounding resistance value is measured and recorded.

    4. The workers wear anti-static shoes and anti-static clothing.

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