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Standard production of anti-static safety boots
- Nov 06, 2018 -

    As early as the 1960s, developed countries in the world have begun to study various protective measures in the electrostatic working environment, such as the treatment of fabrics with antistatic agents, and the development of various conductive fibers and insulating fiber blend fabrics, etc. Standards for antistatic fabrics and antistatic boots. However, most countries only put forward the anti-static requirements of work clothes in the comprehensive static standard, and their academic opinions and management requirements are also different, such as Germany, Britain and Australia. The clothing made of ordinary chemical fiber insulation fabrics has also proposed different degrees of restrictions, while Japan has studied the related issues more carefully. Later, the specific performance requirements and test methods of the anti-static boots were put forward, and the defense was formally formulated. National standard for electrostatic protective shoes.

    In China, with the wide application of plastics, chemical fiber and other insulating materials, the electrostatic hazard caused by occupational places is becoming more and more prominent. In addition to causing fire and explosion, static electricity also affects the quality of products in many cases, so static electricity The problem has caused widespread concern. The static electricity on the shoes and the human body is one of the sources of electrostatic hazards. For example, a polyester or cotton fabric can be ignited by natural gas or hydrogen when it is electrically discharged under appropriate conditions. There have also been reports of accidents caused by static electricity generated by nylon headscarves. In recent years, the development and development of anti-static fabrics and anti-static garments in China has developed rapidly. The various types of anti-static fabrics and anti-static boots (shoes) series developed by China not only meet the needs of domestic petroleum, chemical, electronics, national defense and other industrial sectors, but also some products are also exported to foreign countries.

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