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Hardware manufacturing industry, please provide anti-smash safety shoes for your employees, anti-piercing safety shoes
- Feb 10, 2019 -

The hardware industry mainly becomes a product through the change of physical shape of metal raw materials, processing and assembly. As long as the industrial fields in which metal parts are assembled as main processes are all in the hardware industry. From metal material processing and processing to the manufacture of primary metal products to the manufacture of general-purpose production equipment, and to the manufacture of special equipment for various industries in the national economy, the production activities in the entire industrial chain can be called "big hardware manufacturing." ".

Hardware manufacturing is used in various fields, such as: doors and windows made of aluminum alloy, various kinds of machined parts, steel bars and iron plates used in the construction industry, including tables and chairs used by families, etc. plant.

Engaging in the hardware industry is a very dangerous industry. In the production process, it will inevitably encounter iron filings, copper penetrating through the soles and the soles of the feet, heavy objects in the handling of the products, the toes in the process of collapse or falling during the mold, high temperature and electrical leakage during grinding, etc. The department brings harm. So are there any effective preventive measures or protective tools to ensure the safety of employees? How can we make employees feel at ease, comfortable, and work naturally without worrying about accidental injuries? The answer is of course that there are ways. That is to equip employees with appropriate protective equipment, including head-to-toe protection, protective caps, protective clothing, protective goggles, protective gloves, safety shoes, and so on. Specific to the hardware factory, the most important thing is to combine the actual situation with the corresponding protective equipment, but the safety shoes must not be less, and the safety shoes must have anti-smashing, anti-piercing function, of course, the tongue is best designed to follow The integrated upper structure prevents steel debris from splashing from the tongue and hurts our employees.

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