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Common sense we should know when using anti-static shoes or boots
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Anti-static shoes are a kind of work shoes that can be worn in the production workshops of the microelectronics industry or in more advanced chemical laboratories to reduce or even prevent static electricity from harming the human body. The main function of this shoe is to guide the static electricity in the user's body and guide it to the ground. The function of this kind of shoes is quite special, so there are some knowledge we have to know when using.

About anti-static shoes, the introduction of the use of knowledge:

1. The main purpose of this kind of shoes is to prevent static electricity from accumulating in the human body, and also to prevent electric shock to the shoes from currents below 250V.

2, the most important application area of such shoes is to avoid the burning caused by the static electricity brought by the human body itself, or the explosion accident, those environments where static electricity exists more. (For example, the oil industry, the chemical industry, the electronics industry, etc.).

3, this kind of shoes and conductive shoes have a common characteristic, that is, when using these shoes, the user can not wear thick socks with insulating wool at the same time, the shoes can not be placed inside can be insulated Insole; the most important point is that you must not use this shoe as an insulated shoe;

4, in order to achieve a better anti-static, or conductive effect, then when wearing anti-static shoes, the ground in your environment should be anti-static; and when wearing conductive shoes, where you are The ground in the environment should be electrically conductive.

5, when wearing anti-static shoes, users should also wear matching anti-static clothing, but also should always pay attention to the cleaning, waterproof, and moisture-proof protective equipment.

6, after the use of such shoes for a certain period of time, generally 200 hours, it should be tested once, see its resistance is not within the specified range, if its resistance is not between 100K ohms to 100M ohms, Those shoes can no longer be used as anti-static shoes.


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