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The Difference Between Anti-static Protective Shoes And Conductive Shoes
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Anti-static protective shoes are protective shoes that can eliminate the static electricity accumulation of the human body and prevent electric shock of power supply below 250V. Conductive shoes have good electrical conductivity and can eliminate static electricity accumulation in a short time. They can only be used for protective shoes without electric shock hazards. This is an important difference from anti-static protective shoes.

1. Anti-static protective shoes and conductive shoes have the function of eliminating static accumulation in the human body and can be used in flammable and explosive working places. But the two differences are that anti-static protective shoes can also prevent electric shock from power supplies below 250V, while conductive shoes can not be used in dangerous places with electric shock.

2. Anti-static protective shoes resistance value: 100kΩ~1000MΩ Conductive shoe resistance value: less than 100kΩ

3. Although anti-static protective shoes have the function of preventing electric shock, they are not allowed to be used as insulated shoes.

4. Anti-static protective shoes and conductive materials should not be worn with insulated wool stockings and insulated insoles at the same time.

5. The place where the anti-static protective shoes are used shall be an anti-static floor, and the place where the conductive shoes are used shall be an electrically conductive floor.

6. Anti-static protective shoes should be used together with anti-static clothing.

7. Anti-static protective shoes and conductive shoes in the process of wearing, generally not more than 200h should be tested once the resistance of the shoe, if the resistance is not within the specified range, it can not be used as anti-static protective shoes or conductive shoes.

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