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Secutech Thailand, Bangkok International Security Exhibition, Thailand
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Development time 2018.11.08 ~ 11.10

Exhibition industry:

Fire safety and security

Holding period:

Once a year

Hosting address:

Thailand - Bangkok - Bangkok International Trade & Convention Center Bangkok International Trade &


Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt

Exhibition area: 7,500 square meters, merchant traffic: 8550, number of exhibitors: 150

Exhibition introduction

Secutech Thailand, one of Thailand's largest security equipment and technology exhibitions, is held annually. It is one of Secutech's series of exhibitions held by the world famous security industry brand series.

Thailand is located in the core area of ASEAN. It is especially important for customers who want to enter ASEAN, especially want to enter Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos market and Thailand. Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia; Thailand's economy will continue to grow in the coming years. 2017's GDP plan has grown to 3.7%.

The Thai government has also focused on developing infrastructure and promoting consumption, and has also invested in several projects to promote Thailand as a smart and safe destination. The local government is strongly promoting the concept of a safe and intelligent city, and the implementation of this plan has also promoted the development of cross-industry in Thailand. Intelligent surveillance integrated solutions, intelligent traffic management, smart retailing, etc. have been regarded as the most important elements of urban transformation. The Thailand Security Technology Show will bring "intelligence" into the security arena. As a comprehensive resource display platform for the security market in Thailand, the organizers of the Thailand Security Technology Exhibition understand that the promotion of a simultaneous business platform will help buyers and sellers to promote and display the latest products and solutions in various vertical markets.

The Thailand Security Technology Show will introduce real-world smart solutions – presenting a real world scenario to create a smart urban experience. The Smart and Secure City Integrated Display Zone will feature a diverse range of popular vertical solutions in the Thai security market, including hotels, retail, city regulation, transportation and more.

exhibition criteria

Security, fire: cctv, surveillance, access control, attendance, door lock, patrol machine, alarm, fire equipment

Security products: security doors, fire doors, locks, cabinets, boxes, etc.; GPS, GIS, ITS and other products; computer network security systems and products

Monitoring system: monitoring and monitoring system; city and regional network alarm; access control system, lightning protection products, wires, cables, chassis, cabinets

Fire-fighting vehicles: fire-fighting vehicles, equipment and products; disaster prevention, mitigation, emergency technical equipment; police communication equipment; police vehicles and special vehicles

relevant information

Secutech Thailand, Bangkok International Security Exhibition, was held in Messe Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is a year-round exhibition. It is also a very important platform for companies to open the Thai market. Secutech Thailand of Bangkok International Security Exhibition attracted 150 from last year. The number of exhibitors and exhibitors reached 8,550. The exhibition was held at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre in Bangkok. The exhibition area reached 7,500 square meters.

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