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Anti-static Safety Shoes Working Principle And Analysis
- Jan 14, 2019 -

Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon. It is a static charged charge. Most of the static electricity is usually caused by friction and separation. The friction causes heat, which causes the molecules inside the material to be active. Then the two substances Separated, electrons can be electrostatically transferred from one substance to another. It is characterized by high voltage, low current, low power and short acting time. The main measures for anti-static during production are dissipation, static electricity leakage, humidification, neutralization, isolation and grounding.

Neutralizing antistatic methods: Neutralization is important because grounding and isolation will not release charge from insulators such as synthetic fabrics or conventional plastics. The charge naturally generated during the process is neutralized or removed from the insulator and is called ionization. Ions are simple charged substances that exist in the air. Ions are produced by natural energy sources. They include sunlight, illumination, open air as flames and radiation. We can generate trillions of ions through ion generators. The high voltage produces a balanced mixture of charged ions and uses a fan to help the ions drift onto or neutralize the object. Ionization neutralizes the static charge on the insulator in eight seconds, thus reducing their potential damage.

Of course, anti-static, its outstanding is still prevention, prevention is another important measure or important device. This is the most critical factor in electrostatic discharge control. Others or you must be aware of the danger of electrostatic discharge in your work with electronic components, and understanding them to accommodate them will be more important than any electrostatic discharge control material. Because in some special gas industries, as well as the petroleum and petrochemical industry, it is especially important for the prevention and control of anti-static. These workers must wear anti-static safety shoes, anti-static clothing, etc. when operating. Wearing anti-static safety shoes is the most effective and reliable way to discharge the electrostatic charge of the operator, and wear the anti-static safety shoes to make the human body "Connected" with the earth, that is, "grounding", in order to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge, successfully control the human body's electrostatic charge on the production line and the human body adverse effects.

The anti-static safety sole includes an outermost RB bottom containing conductive carbon black, and the bottom of each layer in which the conductive cloth and the conductive wire are interspersed in the sole are covered with conductive glue. Anti-static shoes should have anti-static smash or insole when worn, and work on anti-static ground to make the static electricity brought by the human body to the earth. If any part of the resistor is too large or disconnected, the human body will be exposed to harmful static electricity. Therefore, in important departments, there should be a human body resistance tester to detect whether the shoes/shoes/insoles worn by the human body and the total resistance of the human body can leak static electricity.

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