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What socks to wear when wearing anti-static shoes
- Nov 18, 2018 -

    Before using the anti-static shoes, the safety shoes should check all the resistances. Use the resistance tester to test and record that the resistance requirements of the shoes are 10 to the power of 10 and 10 to the 9th power before they are qualified. After using for a period of time, when the appearance of the shoes is obviously polluted, perhaps the sole is worn, the shoe body is deformed, and perhaps the original person has a static click feeling, the resistance of the antistatic shoe must be re-tested and checked. Sometimes the resistance of the anti-static shoes will change due to the humidity. Therefore, when the time is changed, the comparison test will be carried out to grasp the change of the fluctuations to avoid the anti-static effect of the shoes.

    Wear anti-static shoes must use socks with thin nylon socks or mixed with conductive fibers, but not socks with wool and chemical fiber. If you want to attach an insole to the anti-static shoes, you should attach a conductive wire insole (it is best to make shoes when you wear shoes). If you don’t wear it according to this requirement, this shoe will not have this anti-static effect, and the general shoes also No difference. After the shoes are worn dirty, they can also be removed. However, the shoes have different differences from the clothes. They have high temperature resistance. The shoes are not suitable for high temperature sterilization. The claim is to remove them from professional purification and removal companies.

    Anti-static shoes should not be worn together with insulated wool thick socks and insulated insoles. Try to avoid using anti-static shoes as insulation shoes in the production workshop. The place where anti-static shoes are used should be an anti-static production workshop. Anti-static shoes should be used in conjunction with anti-static clothing, paying attention to the hygiene, waterproof and moisture resistance of the products. In the process of wearing, the resistance test is usually not exceeded for 200h. If the resistance is not within the range of the rule, it cannot be used as an anti-static shoe.

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