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What kind of safety shoes are generally used in the chemical industry?
- Dec 16, 2018 -

Chemicals in chemical plants frequently produce various safety accidents during production, storage, transportation, sales and use. They have caused poisoning, burns, burns and frostbite, timely and effectively prevent chemical plant hazards, and take protective measures such as wearing. Acid and alkali resistant safety shoes are important for reducing damage in safe work.

Acid and alkali resistance

Chemicals in chemical plants are mostly acidic and alkaline. For workers who may be exposed to chemical liquids to prevent chemical liquids, a pair of acid and alkali resistant safety shoes is suitable. Acid and alkali resistant safety shoes are safety shoes that have acid and alkali resistance and are used to protect the feet and prevent acid and alkali chemicals from being damaged in acid and alkali and corrosive working environments.

Oil resistance

Some chemical plant operations involve the reprocessing of crude oil. For the working environment with more grease, workers wear safety shoes with oil resistance, which can effectively prevent the ground from slipping and easily deal with the troubles of the oil stain on the upper. Oil-resistant safety shoes are safety shoes that use anti-grease materials on the sole and upper, are not dissolved by oil, have excellent repelling effect on grease, and are non-slip on grease floor.

Chemical plants involve a wide variety of operations and are closely related to the production of various industries. They are indispensable raw materials for many industries. The chemical industry production process often has the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, flammability, explosiveness and corrosion, which constitutes the harm of chemical production to the human body, and wears acid and alkali resistant oil safety shoes that have the characteristics of dealing with chemical operations. It is a suitable choice for workers.

In chemical plants, workers exposed to chemicals are wearing acid-resistant and safety shoes, oil-resistant safety shoes that are in contact with oil and grease, and safety shoes that require multiple functional requirements for complex work environments. The workers' feet allow them to work with confidence.

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