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The origin of fire boots
- Nov 01, 2018 -

The new European fire boot standard, also known as the prEN15090, is now in its final stages before publication. This prEN was prepared by the Technical Committee CEN/TC161, and no less than 18 countries participated in the work. In these countries, changing requirements and conditions have raised some questions. Why the supply and purchase of fire boots is more complicated than it is today. Firefighter manufacturers, fire brigades, and standards-setting authorities lasted for nearly 25 years to create the types of products currently used by British firefighters.

The leather fire boots worn by the fire brigade in the 1980s were produced in accordance with the BS1870 standard. This standard is the same as that used for the production of all safety boots used in construction sites, shipyards or any heavy industry. At that time, it was not realized that the dangers faced by firefighting were different from those of heavy industry or medium industry.

In 1993, the national standard for safety boots was replaced by European standards, so BS1870 was replaced by the new safety boots European standard EN345. However, it was quickly discovered after publication that the basic safety boots standard did not provide adequate protection in certain extreme cases. Therefore, the standard has been added to the standard, which is called the second part of EN345. This clause is designed for the protection of firefighters and chainsaws, plus other features such as anti-foot piercing and waterproofing. The second part of EN345 came into effect in 1997. In addition, the Ministry of the Interior has revised the specific requirements for rubber boots in the A29, including some features that are particularly needed by British firefighters.

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