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Selection, use and maintenance of safety shoes
- Oct 27, 2018 -

To protect the legs from damage from falling objects, rolling, sharp objects, molten metal, hot surfaces, and slippery surfaces, workers must use appropriate foot restraints, safety shoes, or boots or leggings. The toe cap of a safety shoe must have sufficient function to prevent heavy and sharp material from colliding, in accordance with national standards.

Buying safety shoes is an investment that avoids the huge expense of work-related injuries. The purchase of safety shoes is a caring, the boss cares about the safety of the work of the employees. Buying safety shoes is a piece of thoughtfulness, wearing safety shoes to give your family peace of mind.

Under normal circumstances, the safety shoes have a service life of 1-2 years.

In wet conditions, the life of safety shoes will be shortened.

It is strictly forbidden to use it in a water or humid environment for a long time.

It should be stored in a place that is ventilated, dry, anti-enzyme, and mites-proof.

After each use, place the shoes in a ventilated place and then remove the dust with a brush. It is often waxed on the leather of the shoe.

Store as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight, rain and moisture. Avoid acid, alkali and corrosive substances.


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