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Security protection is no small matter
- Dec 16, 2018 -

With the continuous development of human social civilization, human security awareness should be continuously improved, but there are still some people who have luck in our side, but the result is a painful price. The tragedy that has happened cannot be changed, but at least we can reduce the tragedy that will happen in the future. From a thrilling case, we should be able to recognize the importance of security protection, so for any industry operator It is said that safety and serious work must be done at work, labor protection measures should be taken, safety shoes and safety helmets should be worn as required to reduce accidents.

In terms of the safe construction of the construction company, the construction is characterized by a large number of operators, construction machines, building materials, etc., on a limited site. During the construction of the building, the operators at the construction site shall go from the ground to the underground, back to the ground, and then to the sky, often in the open air and high places, along with the construction of the sub-projects from the foundation-main body-roof. In the environment of cross-operation, if you do not work correctly according to the regulations, and do not wear protective protective equipment such as safety shoes, safety helmets, protective gloves, etc. as required, the probability of a dangerous accident is very large.

The five categories of accidents such as falling, collapsing, object striking, mechanical damage and electric shock have been high for many years and are known as "five major injuries." Once a dangerous accident occurs, it is not only an accident, but also the happiness of a family. Therefore, for the construction workers on the construction site, the safety responsibility is heavier than the sky. It is necessary to continuously improve their safety awareness and pay attention to every detail in the work, even if the safety shoe laces are fastened during the operation to avoid accidents.

Safety precautions are no small matter, even wearing a pair of shoes is very particular. Choose a pair of suitable safety shoes, choose functional safety shoes according to your working environment, do not wear slippers, ordinary cloth shoes in the workplace, and correctly follow the construction specifications, which will ensure the safe operation of the work.

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