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Safety shoes that railway workers should use
- Dec 09, 2018 -

Railway workers are a large group of operators. While serving the railway transportation work, they also inevitably bear the risks of potential labor safety. Especially in the field operation, the importance of protective equipment is particularly prominent. As a railway worker, wearing anti-mite and puncture-proof safety shoes on site and wearing a safety helmet is a responsibility for his work.

Railway construction site operations are generally more complicated. Workers wearing anti-mite safety shoes and helmets can effectively reduce the threat from external forces, such as being crushed by high-altitude objects, and repairing tools during railway maintenance. Because the smash-proof safety shoes are equipped with an inner baotou with a certain impact force on the toe, the inner baotou is placed between the shoes and the shoes, which can greatly reduce the damage of the object falling to the foot.

If some glass fragments, metal sharps, etc. on the railway track are not cleaned up in time, the railway workers can easily pierce the soles with these sharp objects without wearing puncture-proof safety shoes during the railway maintenance work along the line. The foot brings damage.

The anti-piercing safety shoes are because the steel sheet is placed above the sole, so that the foot can be prevented from being pierced by various sharp objects, and the foot is effectively protected to ensure the safety of the work.

As front-line employees, railway workers wear anti-smashing and puncture-proof safety shoes to effectively protect the safety of the feet during railway construction and reduce accidents that may occur in railway work, thus protecting their personal injuries from minor injuries.

Safety is the lifeline of enterprise development. Railway labor protection products have become more comprehensive in terms of clothing, wear, equipment, etc., while ensuring safety, they are also pursuing convenience and comfort. In the field operation, only effective use Safety protection products, only a minimum of personal safety guarantees for labor operations.

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