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Petroleum industry gas station labor protection (application of safety shoes)
- Dec 06, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, more and more gas stations, the growing number of workers engaged in refueling operations, how to do labor protection at gas stations, reduce the impact of gasoline on human health and labor injuries at gas stations, will More and more people will pay attention to it. At this time, a pair of safety shoes with special functions is suitable for the safety protection of the workers.

Gas stations often work with gasoline and oil, and it is inevitable that there will be various oil stains on the shoes. Therefore, in order to avoid oil pollution and accidentally slipping on the ground grease, workers can wear safety shoes with oil resistance. Because oil-resistant safety shoes are anti-grease materials for soles and uppers, they are not dissolved by oil, have excellent repelling effect on grease, and are safety shoes that are non-slip on grease floors.

In addition to fueling vehicles, there are other tasks such as handling equipment for detecting and unloading equipment. In these jobs, workers wear safety shoes with anti-smashing function to effectively protect the feet from being injured by heavy objects. The anti-smash safety shoes are equipped with an inner head that is resistant to a certain impact force on the toe. The inner head is placed between the shoes and the shoes, and a sponge strip is placed on the end of the inner toe to enable the joint between the toe and the upper. Smooth, but also increase folding resistance and comfort.

If a worker working at a gas station wears a safety shoe with a puncture-proof function, even if it is stepped on various objects such as metal parts on the ground, there is no need to worry about the piercing of the sole. Because the puncture-proof shoe is a steel sheet placed above the sole to prevent the piercing of the sole by various sharp objects, thereby preventing the foot from being injured.

The increase in gas stations corresponds to a large number of workers working in this industry. In order to do a good job in labor safety and reduce unnecessary losses, it is only natural to wear a pair of suitable safety shoes. Not only for the protection of safe work, but also for their own work.

The multi-functional oil-proof and anti-puncture safety shoes, used in the gas station, will greatly reduce the occurrence of dangerous accidents, ensure the safety of the workers' feet, and allow them to work at the gas station with confidence. No matter what you do, ensuring safety in the production process is paramount.

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