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Miner safety boots are a necessity for every worker
- Nov 12, 2018 -

The miners' safety boots are one of the essential items for every worker. Our design is inspired by the sneakers worn by the students, giving them the security features while providing comfort and flexibility. We believe that miners' safety boots, of course, also include their product design, the most important of which is the function and design. Some people say that there is no function except for the function and appearance. In fact, this is a different statement. In addition to function and appearance, there are also materials and other designs. The design is a collective activity that encompasses the profession in every field.

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As we all know, the foot is the farthest part of the human body from the heart and brain. It is always the place where blood and nerve conduction are difficult to reach, so the foot is also called the second heart of the human body. If the blood circulation function of the foot is weakened and the venous blood return is insufficient, it will cause accumulation of local acidic metabolic waste. These harmful ingredients start to cause fatigue and heavyness of the foot, which in turn causes various diseases of the foot. It can be seen that the foot plays an important role in the health of the human body. The foot is also the most concentrated place in the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine. There are nerve reflex zones associated with organs in various parts of the human body. By stimulating these nerve reflex zones, it will improve the microcirculation of the feet and significantly promote the treatment of diseases. .

A good pair of safety boots can promote the blood circulation of the miners' feet and stimulate the acupuncture points on the feet through reasonable design, so that the workers are full of energy and good health. So a good pair of safety boots should be a must for every miner.

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