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Mechanical maintenance factory use of safety shoes
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Many factories maintain mechanical equipment for maintenance on large-scale machinery and equipment, and some small mechanical parts will be repaired without affecting their continued use. However, in the case of mechanical maintenance, attention should be paid to safety protection issues. Labor safety protection should be done from the actual situation to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and ensure the safety of the employees.

Some mechanical parts need to be cleaned with oil or grease when repairing, so that when the worker is working, it is easy to be contaminated by the cleaning grease to the upper, and some accidentally slips easily. The oil-resistant safety shoes are safety shoes that are made of anti-grease material on the sole and upper, are not dissolved by oil, have excellent repelling effect on grease, and are non-slip on grease floor.

Some mechanical repair parts need to be chemically reacted to the inspection of the disinfection equipment. If you accidentally fall on the surface of the foot with acidic or alkaline liquid without wearing protective shoes, it will cause foot injury. The acid and alkali resistant safety shoes are safety shoes which have the function of preventing acid and alkali and protecting the feet in acid and alkali and corrosive working environment to prevent acid and alkali chemicals from being damaged.

Repairing machinery needs to be carried out on a flat, non-contaminated site. If there are other debris on the ground or sharp metal objects with angular edges, the worker's sole may be pierced. The anti-puncture function is a safety shoe that is placed on the sole of the shoe to prevent the piercing of the sole by various sharp objects, thereby preventing the foot from being injured.

The consequences of mechanical maintenance injury accidents are serious, such as being injured by mechanical objects, puncture, rolling, etc., daily work is to ensure that mechanical equipment does not cause work accidents, not only repairing mechanical equipment itself must meet safety requirements, but more importantly The operator is required to strictly abide by the safe operating procedures.

Wear personal protective equipment correctly, wear safety shoes with appropriate functions according to your work requirements, such as wearing anti-smashing and puncture-proof safety shoes during mechanical maintenance. Workplaces that need to be cleaned when there are more oil stains on machinery need to wear oil-resistant safety shoes. And the wearer must wear it, and must not wear it if it should not be worn. For example, when the mechanical parts are still in operation, wear a protective cap or safety gloves to prevent unnecessary damage.

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