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Labor protection of multifunctional safety shoes in power plants
- Dec 05, 2018 -

A power plant is a power plant that converts some form of raw energy into electrical energy for use in stationary facilities or transportation. Workers working in power plants usually choose protective protective clothing for insulation performance, such as insulated shoes and insulated gloves, to ensure safe operation and prevent electric shock accidents.

Work on high-voltage equipment requires safety measures to prevent electric shock. In addition to working in accordance with regulations, workers must wear safety shoes with insulating functions to minimize the hazard. The insulated safety shoes are suitable for the environment with a large current, and the isolated current passes through the human body through the contact point, and is a safety shoe for preventing the human body from being electrically shocked.

There are many types of power plant operations, and some workers are engaged in the maintenance of power plant equipment. If the maintenance equipment they carry is accidentally dropped on the feet during operation, it is easy to be injured without wearing protective shoes, so wear anti-wear.砸 Safety shoes are needed. Because the smash-proof safety shoes are equipped with an inner head that resists a certain impact force on the toe, the inner head is placed between the shoes and the shoes, and a sponge strip is placed on the end of the inner bolster to enable the baotou to be combined with the upper. The part is smooth, which increases the folding resistance and comfort.

If there is a lot of waste in the workplace in the power plant, some of the wastes have sharp edges and corners. If the workers do not pay attention to stepping on them, they may be pierced by the sharps. Therefore, people working in these places can wear them. Puncture safety shoes. Because the puncture-proof safety shoes are placed with steel sheets above the soles to prevent the sharp points from being pierced by various sharp objects, thus preventing the feet from being injured.

The safety level of the power plant depends on the safety awareness of all employees, and the improvement of employees' safety awareness is reflected in the details of daily operations, such as whether the protective protective equipment (safety shoes, helmets, overalls) are properly worn as required. Operation and so on, and the requirements for the power plant operators are much stricter than other ordinary employees, after all, grid equipment and electricity are a dangerous job.

In addition to participating in daily work training, the operation staff of the power plant must develop good habits from their own work, and wear self-contained safety shoes before work. Workers in complex locations can also wear multi-functional anti-puncture and puncture insulation. Shoes, one more protection is more secure.

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