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How to choose a pair of labor insurance shoes that suits you?
- Oct 28, 2018 -

The soles of labor insurance shoes are mostly injection molded with polyurethane material, which has the advantages of wear resistance, oil resistance, anti-smashing, puncture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, waterproof and light weight. Polyurethane materials are 2-3 times more wear resistant than ordinary rubber soles. The polyurethane material is light in weight, soft and has a weight of only 50%-60% of the rubber sole.

Different labor insurance shoes have different functions and different scopes of application:

1. Protection of toe anti-smashing shoes: The inner head safety performance is AN1 grade, suitable for metallurgy, mining, forestry, port, loading and unloading, quarrying, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.

2. Anti-piercing safety shoes: The puncture-resistant strength is Grade 1, suitable for mining, fire protection, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery and so on.

3. Electrically insulated shoes: suitable for electricians, electronic operators, cable installers, substation installers, etc.

4. Anti-static protective shoes: can eliminate the static accumulation of the human body, suitable for flammable workplaces, such as gas station operators, liquefied gas filling workers.

Note: Suitable for working environment with power frequency below 1KV, working environment should keep the upper dry. Avoid contact with sharp objects, high temperature and corrosive substances, and the bottom must not be corroded and damaged.

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