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High-voltage line workers need to wear insulated safety shoes
- Dec 12, 2018 -

The high-voltage power distribution system is composed of various high-voltage electrical equipment and lines. The high-voltage line maintenance personnel work with these high-voltage equipments every day, and the work risk factor is high. In order to prevent sudden situations such as electric shock during operation, work Personnel are required to wear protective safety shoes.

The voltage volts on the high-voltage line is high, and workers are required to wear insulated protective equipment, such as insulated safety shoes and insulated gloves, to ensure safe operation. The insulated safety shoes are suitable for the environment with a large current, and the isolated current passes through the human body through the contact point, and is a safety shoe for preventing the human body from being electrically shocked.

On the ground near the high-voltage line, there are sometimes materials, tools, or waste thrown away by the workers. Some of these things have sharp edges and corners, and the workers may be pierced and hurt by not paying attention to the soles. The puncture-proof safety shoes are placed with steel sheets above the soles to prevent the sharp points from being pierced by various sharp objects, thus preventing the feet from being injured.

The high-voltage line maintenance of the circuit industry has great challenges and high labor intensity. The operators ensure the safety while completing various production tasks. They have always been the focus of the power industry and the direction of work, so the line maintenance personnel wear labor protection products during the operation. It is necessary, such as safety shoes with wearing insulation function, anti-smashing function, anti-puncture function, insulated gloves, insulated overalls and so on.

At the same time, regular employee safety common sense training, the company's supervision and use management of labor protection products, to a certain extent can enhance the safety awareness of workers, patrolling the line workers consciously wear labor insurance supplies, are invisibly reduced Hazardous accidents occur.

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