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Employees in the production of pharmaceutical workshops need to wear anti-static safety shoes
- Dec 18, 2018 -

Everyone knows that the pharmaceutical industry needs to be dust-proof, such as the packaging department, the materials department, etc., and the pharmaceutical workshop must be anti-static. Because there are many solvents in the pharmaceutical workshop that may generate gas during the overtime, and the gas may explode due to electrostatic hazard products, the relevant personnel of the workshop are required to wear anti-static safety shoes to prevent or reduce the occurrence of hazardous accidents.

The low static electricity in the production process will cause the production equipment to malfunction, the quality of the medicine will decrease, and the quality of the defective product will cause an allergic reaction, which will endanger the health of the consumer and cause an explosion accident. Therefore, the safety shoes worn by the workers should have antistatic performance. Anti-static safety shoes are anti-static and conductive soles, safety shoes worn in a flammable and explosive working environment and in a workshop that requires clean, dust-free and sterile to reduce and eliminate static electricity.

In the pharmaceutical factory's key process production process, the use of anti-static clothing is not appropriate, or the quality of anti-static safety shoes is not good, not only will the drug contaminate the employees, but also cause a small amount of static electricity on the employees, affecting product quality. With the development of the biotechnology pharmaceutical industry, anti-static products are playing an increasingly important role, and enterprises are increasingly demanding anti-static products.

The production workshop should not only consider whether the product is affected by static electricity, but also pay attention to whether the working environment of the staff is also affected by static electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the protection of static electricity. Wearing anti-static safety shoes can effectively transfer static electricity to the ground, so that it will not worry about the harm caused by static electricity on the operator, and there is no need to worry about the static electricity. Some anxious mood, which affects work efficiency!

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