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Chemical industry safety shoes protection
- Dec 11, 2018 -

The chemical industry is a relatively special industry. The labor insurance products used by the staff are also relatively technical. There are many labor insurance products on the market that are suitable for the chemical industry. For example, the safety of the chemical industry. Shoes, have certain requirements, such as good resistance to oil, smashing, high temperature, acid and alkali and insulation.

If some chemical companies are engaged in oil refining, they work in a workshop with crude oil or tar refining every day. If wearing safety shoes with oil resistance, it can naturally reduce oil pollution and reduce the risk of slipping when workers work. Oil-resistant safety shoes are safety shoes that use anti-grease materials on the sole and upper, are not dissolved by oil, have excellent repelling effect on grease, and are non-slip on grease floor.

Some chemical companies in the chemical industry mainly develop chemical products. These chemicals are generally related to acid-alkaline solutions, and chemical workers wearing acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes can protect their feet from chemical damage. Because the acid and alkali resistant safety shoes are safety shoes that have acid and alkali resistance and are used to protect the feet and prevent acid and alkali chemicals in the acid and alkali and corrosive working environment.

The safety hazard is the most worrying factor in chemical production. Perhaps it is unintentional, because of some unknown factors, it will cause irreparable damage to chemical workers, so it is necessary for chemical workers to wear protective functions during operation. shoe.

The importance of safe production lies in preventing or eliminating the harmful effects on workers' health and the occurrence of various accidents, ensuring the safety of people's lives and property, and ensuring normal production. Therefore, it is necessary for workers to wear appropriate safety shoes to prevent problems before they occur.

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