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30KV rubber insulated boots
- Nov 17, 2018 -

The 30KV rubber insulated boot is a kind of boots that can be used as an auxiliary safety tool mainly for high-voltage electric equipment when it is used for electric work. It can be used as a basic safety tool below 1kV.

1. High-voltage insulated boots implementation standard: GB12011-2000

2. High-voltage insulation boots:

It is mainly used as an auxiliary safety tool for electrician work in high-voltage power equipment, and can be used as a basic safety tool below 1kV. SAFTTO supplies high-voltage insulated boots for electric power industry with 5KV20KV30KV. The high-voltage insulated boots are made of anti-corrosion metal plate as the middle pad. The high-voltage insulated boots are in line with the principle of human body mechanics. They are advanced in technology, resistant to flexing, aging and water resistant. The technology is advanced, the wearing is comfortable, and the action is convenient. It can effectively prevent various kinds of sharp objects from stabbing the foot and is suitable for the use of electric power system employees in China.

3. High-voltage insulation boots electrical insulation performance test requirements:

(1) The stacking height of metal balls not larger than 4mm is not less than 15mm.

(2) The outer electrode is a water-immersed sponge placed in a metal vessel.

4. High voltage insulation boots Note:

(1) The high-voltage insulated boots are qualified for electrical insulation. After the user purchases the rubber boots, if it is found to be transported, stored in the rain, and mildewed by moisture,

Or other abnormal changes, should go to the statutory testing agency for electrical performance review.

(2) High-voltage insulated boots must be carefully inspected before use. If any damage is found, it should not be used.

(3) When working on high-voltage insulated boots, the pants should be put into the boot. The insulated boots should not be in contact with corrosive substances of various greases, acids and alkalis and prevent mechanical damage of sharp metal.

(4) Pay attention to the wear of the outsole when wearing high-voltage insulated boots. If the outsole pattern is worn away, it should not be used.

(5) According to the national standard, the high-voltage insulated boots are stored in the original packaging of the company according to the conditions stipulated by the standard, and the quality meets the standard requirements for 24 months from the date of production.

For more than 24 months, the electrical insulation performance shall be checked one by one according to the requirements of preventive inspection, and it shall be sold and used only in accordance with the provisions of this standard.

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